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Giselle's Trailer

It was an amazing day filled with lots of laughs and good vibes, along with that So Cal Heat of 94 Degrees at 11am. Giselle is our upcoming Quinceañera for September 2, 2012. She brought her friends along because, they've known each other for years and are always hanging out together, so she wanted to share that moment alongside with them. Her Quinceañera will be shot in Full HD, But in order for the HD to shine to its full potential, it is being shot in our "HD Cinema Style" where it looks less like a video and more like a movie. Enjoy this short, suspense filled, Trailer of her Prevideo which will be shown in front of her friends and family on her event day.

-BRG Photo & Video Professionals
Cinematographers: Gustavo Rodríguez, Martin Rodriguez
Film Editor: Gustavo Rodríguez